On the go

Sitting at the table eating breakfast, I’m blogging on the go! Going to go take the young adults to do their own blogging while I’m blogging on the go! Also, I’m listening to music while I’m blogging on the go!

H E L L O . . . : )

What’s everyone doing? I kind of forgot about the blog for a few weeks.. but im back 😀 I hope everything is going swell for everyone, I’m actually at home getting ready to go to class.. just thought i’d say hi before i log off my computer. I miss everyone so much >.<

Time happens!

We’re about 2 days away from being two weeks since the pitzer program and I didn’t even realize how much I went back to some of my old ways. Just being of the world or American if you will. I’m a little distracted here and there but it’s okay. I wish the pitzer family could be the first family, you guys are just that amazing and you all just bring out the best! So being AWAY from you guys isn’t helping lol Each day we get closer to being reunited whether it’s at a pow wow or the college fair, but WE ARE going to see each other again and i look forward to that 🙂 Don’t forget to post on here too! Don’t Lurk! I want to know how everyone is doing, keep updating, keep reading, keep checking in!


Just got done packing ISH for tomorrow 😀 Going to ramona to Torres Martinez’s 1st annual Youth Retreat, Very excited! Hopefully i see some of the crazy kids like elka and fabian 🙂

“I’m Going to college to get some knowledge..!”

BLAHH! Applying for classes late bleep!! i learned my lesson 🙂 next time i’m going to be ready to get the classes i need! Shoot i am not trying to waste my time on electives unless i am interested in them x) I’m also trying to get a YOB. I wanted to apply at torres martinez but it’s not letting me register for an account right now -__- I hope everyone is having a blasty blast back at their homes 🙂 keep in touch and keep me updated! keep blogging you guys!<3

The Final Say

I’ve had the most wonderful time with these people. It would be impossible to forget them. I look at their faces as i type and I know I’m going to miss them.. I hope i get to see them again one day. When i first came here, I didn’t know what to expect, no one did. I came to this program as an Individual, if you will, and now I’m leaving with a group of supporters. I got to connect with so many people who I wouldn’t normally approach back home. DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. We all stereotype too much. These people are proof that not everyone fits the profile of the world’s image. I’m definitely going to miss waking up to them, it became such a routine. I LOVED IT. lol I gained so much here, I actually called it “Home” a few times. It feels good to be with my people. There are lots of memories/insiders I got to create with people like, “It’s complicated”, “Dookie Bootie”, “Dear Fabian”, and others 😀  Also some memories like locking myself out of my room THREE TIMES, Partying with the Italians, Singing in front of the Japanese, Dancing in front of everyone, Falling up the stairs, Slipping under water, Ripping out Jessica’s Tracks, Trying to save Christa from King Kong, and others. I’m really grateful for this opportunity, thank you everyone for letting me be here and welcoming me. I’ll be holding you guys in my heart on my journey, I hope you all can continue to become a part of it.



Dear Friends of the Pipeline Community, I have had the most wonderful time living and learning with you all. I WILL NEVER FORGET THE PEOPLE I CONNECTED WITH. No matter how long we don’t see each other. I don’t forget the people who matter to me. We’ve only known each other for a little over a week but i feel like you guys have become so much more than my “room mates”. You guys are the new family! You guys have taught me things i wouldn’t have learned back in my city, I couldn’t be more appreciative. I’ve made so many connections like with Elka, Jessica(m), Rebecca, Alex(girl), Christa, Skyla, Fabian, Kapele, and many others. I never would have thought to meet so many people who are like my personal light houses on a stormy day, they enlighten me so much. I can honestly say I’m going to think about you guys along the way, It’d be a shame to go on and not use the information I received. I’m so thankful for this moment and I’m glad I got to know you all. It’s another chapter in my book, we can’t go back but we can look and there we are on every page, the memories are always safe 🙂 All the times that we shared, every place, everywhere, you all touched my life. I’ll hold you in my heart forever, I’ll always remember you
“Don’t be sad when the sun goes down, You wake up and I’m not around”

We’ll still have the summer after 🙂 I promise to come back next year as a mentor, so you guys better watch out lol..

Chips && Salsa

Last night was so fun and relaxing with the salsa dance teacher. She was pretty great and a inspirational speaker. It’s not going to be easy to follow the DREAM, but the journey will be a great story to tell. I’ll turn a MESS into a MESSAGE<3 Inspire other people to do what they want to do. It’s going to be TMTH. Oh and me and jessica are epic at the DOOKIE BOOTIE.