OMG!!!!, u guys well things are going alright i got an offer that i’m not sure to take, well long story short i hav a shot at becoming a comander officer in the navy if u hav any queston u can ask scott for my dads number…o that and i found out that i’m part irish today…

2 thoughts on “I don’t know what to do??!!!!

  1. OMG Ms. Amber Grubb…is that really you or is it your twin? I’m so glad you reconnected with us. How are you? Just alright? more please.. You know I’m half Scottish as well via Chicago. What do you mean a commander officer in the navy? Did you take the ASVAB?

    We are planning our first field trip September 17 and really hope you can make it. We miss you and glad you have reconnected with your Pipeline family.. Please connect with us on facebook too. Okay Ms, Grubb please stay in touch and will see you soon.

    Toodles for now..

    1. yeah im taking the test next month but im not sure if i want to be in the navy…well i hav a few questions about the feildtrip….

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