I miss all of you guys very much, and I cannot wait till summer to see the amazing pipeline students that has changed the world in my eyes…and I hope you guys can see the best in me this summer instead of the worst, so remember the good times my friends while they last but I will always remember the time of my life there at Pitzer and the place where our friendships soared and laughter was made. So once again Thank You Scott, Thank you Alex, Thank you other alex, Thank you Christa, Thank you monica, Thank you Manny, Thank you Skyla, Thank You Vanessa, Thank You Fabian, And Thank you kapele for showing me the world has more to offer than a small town and a few bus tokens and being there right beside me through it all and sorry if I spelled any of your names wrong,

3 thoughts on “Homesick in a whole new way<33

  1. Hi Amber,
    We cant wait to see you as well and glad you reached out to us… We are busy planning the program and its going to be bigger and better than last year with a lot of new programing and faces. Im so proud of you at your growth over the program and over the past 7 months that I have known you. You are a smart articulate young lady and going to go off and do many wonderful and amazing things in your life. We are honored that you are a part of the Pipeline family and know you will always have a special place with us here at Pitzer.

    Remember we are having another American Indian Health Career Ladder day at Western University next Saturday, March 10 from 8:30 to 12:30 … Can you please have your mother or father call me on my new phone number 909 706 5948? To work out detail of getting you here…. Anyways… keep studying and keep focused on your future and stay out of trouble and drink your milk.



  2. Awww I cant wait to see you!! and thank you too for changing me into the person i am today! everyone has affected me in some little way and i am happy to see that i affected you too =D

  3. awww… you have so much going for you… and often being in a community that is really small or not inclusive might make you feel like you dont have anything going for you… but there is so much more then the small town… and I know that you are going to do awesome things! you are an amazing young woman and you need to see that

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