Yesterday was the first day at camp, it was such a fun filled day with so many great speakers. We began our day at 7:30 a.m. and all had breakfast together. We then after began to blog which was many of our first time. The biggest event that had occurred was going to Western University, the experience for me was greater than words. Just to be on a college campus full of students who want to be apart of the medical field was a great sight. There were six guest speakers that spoke to us yesterday, they all brought something different to the table. The first guest speaker talked about diabetes and how it plays a role on our community. The second guest speaker were two ladies who talked about our health and what type of foods we should be eating; they showed us multiple ways to exercise without having to go outside. The third guest speaker was probably my absolute favorite, because it was more of a personal experience and he gave us his point of view on diabetes. He was first diagnosed with diabetes when he was seven, its crazy to know that he had diabetes for over 30 years now, that shows strength and courage to me. The last speaker was also one of my favorites, she was a young doctor who gave us her personal story about how she came about choosing to be a doctor and her life growing up. She gave us tips on how to pick our right career and exactly the steps it took to get as far as she did. At the end of the lecture she asked us questions that she wanted us to answer to help her out with the class she teaches. So here’s my feedback to her: Some good experiences I had with a doctor was when my Dad would visit his doctor she would constantly be on him about his health. She built a friendship with both me and him and constantly made him feel at his best. When my father passed away,she was so close to him that she felt a part of her leave, so after I gave her flowers to thank her for all she had done. A bad experience would be my doctor, he doesn’t bother to explain that symptom i may have bothering me at the time, that when I go home I have to do my own person research about it. I would love to have a friendship type of relationship because i believe it makes it easier for the patient to open up. Overall yesterday was a good day and something I won’t forget.

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