Today was really hectic. Started the day good with a morning circle then went to breakfast. After that we learned blogging ( Thanks Gina!! ) and then after that we traveled to western university. There we listened to at least four different speakers/Lectures: Diabetes, nutrition, different aspects of the medical field, and how learning the anatomy of humans and animals can effect the animation of disney movies. that presentation was my favorite!

Also, on thing/charaistic i would want my doctor to have is to be funny and happy. It always makes me less nervous if the doctor or nurse is funny, stress-free, and happy in general because it makes me feel less nervous and feel as if there is nothing wrong with going to the doctor. At every doctor trip i have had a great experience because my dad would always act funny and like a clown. i can’t recall any bad experience with the doctor. I don’t really know anything that a doctor should know about my culture, maybe they can be more open to medical herbs for some patients.  After all that we got a tour of Scripps College; I have absolutely fell in love with their courtyards and gardens. The architecture of the buildings was also something that i really  liked.

And  now i can say Micheal is now my official camera/light man :D. Then we finished up the night with songs, drumming, and rattles and also an unexpected fire drill. Everything was a blast!!

Can’t wait for tomorrow! Good NIght!


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