Ninja Signing In!

Hello, My name is Christa McGowan. I am a sophomore at Chaffey College and I am studying Technical Theatre. I am working towards a Certificate in Technical Theatre and an AA in Theatre Arts. I am currently living in Claremont and I come from the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska. For the past 4-ish years I have been a participant in Pitzer College’s Native Pipeline. I have many interests including art (I like drawing, painting, writing, reading, interacting with music, and watching movies/plays), video games (mostly PC/XBox360 games like League of legends, minecraft, Call Of Duty Black Ops, and Amnesia), and I love the outdoors such as hiking and biking. I consider myself to be a traditional, fun-loving, and creative person. I hope we can all get along and create many new connections through our Pipeline Family~!



Hi guys, my name is Christa McGowan and I would like to welcome you all to Pitzer’s Native Pipeline to College! Some of you met me today, some of you saw me and remember me from last year, and some of you just don’t know who this person is or why she is posting on this blog. Well, for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Christa McGowan and I am from the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska. I am an incoming freshman to college, hence why I am not part of the program this year, and will be attending Chaffey College. I was a past participant of the Pipeline for the last 4 years and I hope to one day become a mentor for this wonderful program.

Well, that is enough about me, I will hopefully be joining you for morning circle and I look forward to meeting all of you and see an few familiar faces ^.^ 

Get some rest everyone because your in for a really fun and busy two weeks!


“A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”

I remember waking up. I looked to my cell phone that was under my pillow and the numbers read 5:57am. I groaned and tossed out of my bed thinking I had to get up or i’ll be late for ceremony. I thought about how Mariah would have to come into the room to get me out of bed if I didn’t hurry up. The room was dark but I knew that right across the room was Elka, my room mate. I yelled in a soft tone, “Hey! We have to get up.” I heard no response and stumbled to my drawer where my clothes were. I tried opening them but they wouldn’t roll out like their supposed to. I tried again and this time I pulled out the drawer out of the dresser. It fell to the floor and I winced at the sound. I turned and looked towards Elka, but she didn’t wake up.

I gave a huff, started picking up the clothes that fell out, and chose the ones that I was going to wear today. After getting dressed I went out of the room to brush my teeth but as I walked out I bumped into something really hard. My nose hurt and started tingle, I put my hands against the wall that should not have been there. I thought that maybe I was too tired and went to far to the right, so I ran my hand to the left knowing the bathroom door should be right there next to it. I walked along the wall for a little while and finally found the bathroom. Maybe I was walking really slow, that’s why it took so long to get to the door. I brushed my teeth and walked back into the room to grab my phone. I checked it again and it was 6:47am.

Man, time went really fast and I was ready to go. Every morning I knew that if we were already to go that we would meet in the common room (our personal little living room). So I walked out of the room straight for the living room and bumped into another wall, I must’ve been really tired. Once I reached the living room I sat on the couch, closed my eyes, and waited for everyone else to get up. When I opened my eyes i was in MY living room…dressed in the very same clothes that I had put on a while ago…………….. a dream is a wish your heart makes. I can’t wait till next year for my dream to be real 🙂


Well according to the schedule today is the LAST full day but i think that the pipeline will never end! i hope that everyone who has the opportunity to come back next year, whether it is as a mentor or student, will come back  and have another chance to fill their minds with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. (**Wait aren’t those the same things?”**)  0.0 Oh well! You guys should come back anyways! 😀 I can’t wait till next year, oh and don’t forget that we have our best friend facebook! Keep in touch! 🙂


A LOT has happened in the past few days, we had lots of fun. we went to the Pachanga Reservation and we had the honor of being able to see the Great Oak Tree and it was so inspiring to just be there, i definitely learned more the essence of miracles, Thank You Paul for showing us around and giving us that special honor 🙂 We were also visited by an elder named Adelina Padilla who was such an inspiration to me because of how she can share her story and still be so strong about life and never having expressing or even giving that thought of hopelessness. Love You Adelina!!

DAy7&8&9@NaTIvePipLiNE + Why I am Here Reflection

Well a lot of stuff has happened in the past few days…..

We watched a documentary about Alcatraz and how it is not an island and how A.I.M. occupied the island because of what they believed in…

One of the marks placed on the island of Alcatraz by A.I.M. when they occupied the island

We went to a live Lightning Cloud concert with international students from Japan…

Red Cloud, Christle Lightning, and DJ Hydra

We went to the Chaffy Community Cultural Center and students helped clean and pick pumpkins at the garden…

Everyone with their pumpkins

We watched the Mar Rover land successfully on Mars…

JPL Team cheers after 7 minutes of terror and the mar rover landed saftly

We went to the farmers market in Claremont and went to the comic book “convention” at the Packing House near the Village…

and so muuuuuuuuuuch more.

Why I Am Here

I came to this program 3 years ago to start getting ready for college and when i left that first year i met a lot of people and wanted more of that knowledge that was given to me. so i came back the second year and made so many connections and gained so much support that i know i wouldn’t be able to find at my high school or at any other place. and now at my third year I’m still learning so much that i believe my head will never be full, just so much to take in and people to meet. Now i can’t wait to come back next year and when i can’t be a student i’ll set my sights on becoming a mentor to help other students and learn from them 😀


Sorry i haven’t updated on day 4 & 5 but yeah so far its been really great. yesterday we went to NASA and got a special V.I.P. tour, “We are going where no tour has gone before!” was what Charlie, our tour guide, said. then i remember we had a college class where we had to go online and sign-up to a website called Common and fill out information to apply to colleges. the day before that we went to Western University and we had a patient panel where we were given the opportunity to ask real diabetic patients questions, “When you are learning about medicine you always learn more from the patients than any other textbook out there.”

Today we are going back to Western University i think for the last day so 😥


                                                                 !!!The QUESTION OF THE DAY!!!

                                                    If Tomorrow is Today, Then What is Yesterday?



One of the classes we had was with professor Tessa and one of the things she taught us about our communities is that we all have assets, “A way for you guys to remember what we talked about today,” Professor Tessa said ” Is that you just need to remember one thing: my name Tessa…” We were slightly confused but when she wrote her name on the board and asked us what was her name spelled backwards we all laughed and understood because TESSA spelled backwards is ASSET………..TESSA=ASSET XD Isn’t that cool?!?!

Besides that we had Photography class and we were given an assignment to make our own digital book. We also had Robert John Knapp come in a share all his sacred items that he has been given over the years.It was a really fun experience in all and very heavy in knowledge.

Day2@NAtiVe PiPeLiNe

Today was really hectic. Started the day good with a morning circle then went to breakfast. After that we learned blogging ( Thanks Gina!! ) and then after that we traveled to western university. There we listened to at least four different speakers/Lectures: Diabetes, nutrition, different aspects of the medical field, and how learning the anatomy of humans and animals can effect the animation of disney movies. that presentation was my favorite!

Also, on thing/charaistic i would want my doctor to have is to be funny and happy. It always makes me less nervous if the doctor or nurse is funny, stress-free, and happy in general because it makes me feel less nervous and feel as if there is nothing wrong with going to the doctor. At every doctor trip i have had a great experience because my dad would always act funny and like a clown. i can’t recall any bad experience with the doctor. I don’t really know anything that a doctor should know about my culture, maybe they can be more open to medical herbs for some patients.  After all that we got a tour of Scripps College; I have absolutely fell in love with their courtyards and gardens. The architecture of the buildings was also something that i really  liked.

And  now i can say Micheal is now my official camera/light man :D. Then we finished up the night with songs, drumming, and rattles and also an unexpected fire drill. Everything was a blast!!

Can’t wait for tomorrow! Good NIght!