Sorry i haven’t updated on day 4 & 5 but yeah so far its been really great. yesterday we went to NASA and got a special V.I.P. tour, “We are going where no tour has gone before!” was what Charlie, our tour guide, said. then i remember we had a college class where we had to go online and sign-up to a website called Common and fill out information to apply to colleges. the day before that we went to Western University and we had a patient panel where we were given the opportunity to ask real diabetic patients questions, “When you are learning about medicine you always learn more from the patients than any other textbook out there.”

Today we are going back to Western University i think for the last day so 😥


                                                                 !!!The QUESTION OF THE DAY!!!

                                                    If Tomorrow is Today, Then What is Yesterday?


One thought on “DaY6&4&5@NaTiVePiPeLiNE

  1. thats easy christa yesterday is 10yrs from now and today is tomarrow 20 yrs ago, which tommarrow was yesterday 200yrs ago but this can only mean one thing GASP!!!! christa you didn’t tell me you’ve invented time travel or will that happen tomarrow which was yesterday which means today at NASA you’ve made history thats waiting to happen….Good job, see ya tomarrow!

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