Well a lot of stuff has happened in the past few days…..

We watched a documentary about Alcatraz and how it is not an island and how A.I.M. occupied the island because of what they believed in…

One of the marks placed on the island of Alcatraz by A.I.M. when they occupied the island

We went to a live Lightning Cloud concert with international students from Japan…

Red Cloud, Christle Lightning, and DJ Hydra

We went to the Chaffy Community Cultural Center and students helped clean and pick pumpkins at the garden…

Everyone with their pumpkins

We watched the Mar Rover land successfully on Mars…

JPL Team cheers after 7 minutes of terror and the mar rover landed saftly

We went to the farmers market in Claremont and went to the comic book “convention” at the Packing House near the Village…

and so muuuuuuuuuuch more.

Why I Am Here

I came to this program 3 years ago to start getting ready for college and when i left that first year i met a lot of people and wanted more of that knowledge that was given to me. so i came back the second year and made so many connections and gained so much support that i know i wouldn’t be able to find at my high school or at any other place. and now at my third year I’m still learning so much that i believe my head will never be full, just so much to take in and people to meet. Now i can’t wait to come back next year and when i can’t be a student i’ll set my sights on becoming a mentor to help other students and learn from them 😀

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