My full name is Brandon Michael Drea (Flores in Mexico as well). I am half Mexican consisting of spaniard and some indigenous roots, and half white consisting of Irish, Scottish, Danish, and German heritage. My mother is from Mexico City, and my dad is from a small town in Iowa called Oto. I was born in Los Angeles, CA, and have lived my entire life here without much family around.

My hobbies mainly consist around playing my musical instruments and practicing Judo. I have been playing guitar for around 6 years, drums for about a year, and the keyboard on and off. I have been practicing Judo for the past year. By far, music is my greatest interest, but in terms of my academic interests, I am greatly interested in human biology and the medical field in general.

This is my second year participating in the Pitzer Pipeline. I came back this year because everything about last year was so great, I’d hate to miss out on all of it again. Even tho we may not be doing some of the same things, It’s still bound to be a great experience.

Today has been my first day in the program and it was a great start to the following two weeks. I got to know the rest of my fellow peers and they are all great people who are a lot of fun. I may have been extremely tired today but that didn’t stop me from having a great day. I look forward to tomorrow.


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