My full name is Michelle Samantha Polasky, I am from the Lummi Indian Reservation in Washington state. I’m Lummi, Athabaskan and a quarter white. I’m very interested in Astronomy, I love star-gazing. The only sport I like is volleyball. I also love reading when I have the time. This is my second year coming to Pitzer, I first learned about this program from a nurse at our school. Since then, The Lummi Youth Academy has been very supportive about bringing more youth to the pipeline. I was interested in coming back to the program because of how much knowledge about other tribes, cultures and people I’ve learned. Today was our first day and I thought it was fun, I enjoyed the icebreakers and getting to know the new students this year. I’m very excited for the rest of the program.


5 thoughts on “#peachesforlife

    1. i have no idea, i started doing it last year with all caps, and i thought i would carry on the tradition this year haha!

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