I want to go to college because I need to get a college degree and a Master’s degree to fulfill my dream of going into art therapy. College will also help to make me knowledgable on politics as well as current world affairs. With a college degree, I am able to obtain more job options, and have the freedom to choose the career which I am passionate about. And finally, going to college will help give me the opportunity to have a job which makes me enough money to not only keep basic accommodations, but also to improve my overall quality of life.

Today was the second day of pipeline. We went to many classes for the first time, but my favorite is still Rose Portillo’s acting class. It’s fun to chill out and be silly, especially during busy days. We had many in-between breaks today, and it was nice spending time outside while it was warm. After English, we spent time at the mounds together and then went in to our class from Western University, and then to Tessa’s class. Then we got to go to Scott’s for dinner and a pool party! I ate two pieces of pie.



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