College means everything to me, its important because i have a chance to be someone. Meet new people, in the future to get a good paying job and provide for my family, and be able to tell people that i am Native American and have an education. It will also make me feel great about myself because my family will be proud of me and I’ll be proud of myself. Possible interests of mine, when i go to college, would be writing and growing up to be a book publisher, another one would be a marine biologist and go into a field that will make my dad proud. My last interest would be something in Medicine whether it be a anesthesiologist or a heart surgeon, just something that sparks life in me.

Today was the first day of classes, it was okay. It was a start, so not a lot of things were understandable to me. But i kept my attention on the teachers and did what i thought was what we were supposed to do. It was really hot and lunch was different (pizza) and super great! I took notes and wrote down what was on my mind, and the words i wrote sounded great, like i was smart. And my confidence was tested in my first class and last class, which makes me proud of myself because I’m coming out of my shell. After all the classes were finished we went to Scotts for a pool party, I still have pie and plan to finish it tonight. Goodnight!


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