College for me isn’t just a fancy word for further schooling and excessive teaching.  College is my hope and my dreams of my future.  It makes me feel safe that once I go through with this, I’d be settled for whatever career I would like.  It lets me realize that I still have a chance into changing my life’s direction from a dead-end job into a career that serves as my passion.  There is nothing better than these emotions and feeling towards college.  Although it makes me sound like a geek, wanting more schooling, teaching, and long days being without my family, I’d love to attend a college for a better tomorrow.  It’s my salvation; my hope.  Having a better and solid education doesn’t only go for myself though.  I’d also would like to show my baby brother, Joel, what he can be confident into doing.  If he sees that his sister who came from a little town with a school with under thirty kids into becoming some sort of writer or veterinarian traveling around the world, then he can also have that confidence of becoming anything or anyone.  I’d love to break those boundaries of insecurity and unsureness to set a sort of competition of doing better since I know he would want to do better than me.

Today, as the first day, was quite an interesting expierence.  I was able to learn much more about genetics, literary devices, and social networking.  Everything has been so exciting which things should be for the first day.  I keep wondering what type of career I’d take on and study for.  There are many different possibilities of jobs I can take after, yet I can’t choose.  This pipeline will help me very much to make the best life choses and on what I’ll study for.


2 thoughts on “Day 2: Joye

  1. Hi Joye – We are so glad that you are representing your community and happy to see you on campus. I’m glad your having fun and learning a lot and trust the rest of your experience will be awesome!!

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