1. Some resources that can help me get to college include my college councilor, several scholarships, other forms of financial aid, and any tips from family and friends who have experience with colleges.

2. My college councilor is helping me substantially in order to get to college. My teachers also help wherever they can and in whatever way. My tutors have contributed a large amount of their time in order educate me in resources for college.

3. In order to prepare myself for college I want to make sure that I have enough financial aid and scholarships to support me financially, as well as always keeping my grades up and keeping myself ahead of the game.

4. I try my best to encourage my peers to get to college simply by talking to them and doing my best to convince them that college is the best route to go on in order to have a good future and to be able to support their family and reach their goals.

5. Today has been a very long day, but it has been one of the most interesting for me. Theatre in the morning has been getting more and more interesting and fun. We’re doing more activities that have really made me appreciate theatre a lot more. Reading was fun as always, simply because I really enjoy the book and talking about it with my peers always brings up interesting ideas to talk about, many of which I did not think about myself. The trip to pomona was my highlight of the day. Experiencing the daily life of college students in lab environments was really fun. The rest of the day was filled with a great amount of historical knowledge and cultural empowerment by way of social activism within the Indigenous communities.


3 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. I completely agree with you Brandon. I believe scholarships and financial aid is really important, something I forgot to mention on my blog. By the way, it’s spelled counselor.

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