Resources where and who I find support to go to college from;

1. The Lummi youth academy, My tribe, and my family

2. My mom really supports my goal of becoming a nurse. along with a lot of other family members of mine. I have a tutor named Amy that really helps me with my school work, and she motivates and inspires me to be a good person, and go far in life.

3. I am helping myself prepare for college by learning and doing what it takes to get to where i want to be. I am staying confident with my self and how smart I am. I am begining to become more organized and responsible with my actions, and I am more open to listening to people who have been in my position, and have turned out to be very successful.

4. I will help and encourage my friends to go to college by supporting them when they’re struggling, I will introduce them to the resources I have.

5. My day was good, lol i kept nodding out. I really liked going to check out pomona college, and learn a lot about c. elegans, I couldn’t seem to pick one of them up, i think i killed one, but yeah I’m tired, but it was a lovely day :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


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