1.) Some resources that I can use to help me go to college are some people in my community, my brothers (ultimately close friends), my family, and my Pitzer family. They support me in every way possible.

2.) My freshman mentors at my school are helping me prepare of what’s to come in high school and what exactly colleges are looking for. Same with Pitzer. They’re giving me more information than my freshman mentors. Waaaaaaayyyyy more info.

3.) I’m helping myself by preparing myself mentally by keeping myself up to date with I’m going to study in college.

4.) I will help and encourage my friends and siblings to go to college by telling them and recommending that they find a program like Pitzer or Pitzer itself.

5.) Today instead of exercising, all the guys helped prepare breakfast for everyone. Juan, Tecpatl, and I made blueberry pancakes for everyone. ‘Twas an excellent breakfast of champions. In our English class we drew pictures of idols that could’ve been someone better than they are right now. A way back Wednesday our Shakespeare teacher from last year came back with some more Shakespeare, but was a little bit more darker this time. Our elders talked about the missing and murdered indigenous women again tonight. It was very meaningful and sad, but its the truth that needed to be said.


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