Indigenous communities can be powerful foundations for youth. Many elders are still presently involved in the progression of our tribes, and that is beauty. The motivation helps us help our next 7 generations. To ensure our people strive, we must succeed now. To do this, resources are necessary. Our people are our best hope, for we can not combat the army of problems pulling us down alone. Programs like the Pitzer pipeline are also needed to help our students along what seems to be an everlasting journey. I and all my peers are honored and thankful for these opportunities, and I have shared the knowledge I gained with my friends and family back home.

Awareness is key. If one does not know, one can not act. If one can not act, everything will remain uniformly concordant. We are the generation that needs to and is breaking the cycle, and we are aware of this.

I have given my word to my family that I will do everything in my power to succeed and return my knowledge to all aboriginal peoples. A’ho


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