There are many types of people who can help me get to college like teachers, counselors, and your family and friends. For me personally i would ask my school counselor and i would ask my biology teacher because she helps me out with things like that. People within my circle of friends, like christa are helping me by encouraging me and answering my questions. I am attending the pipeline and that is helping me go to college. By going to the pipeline i learn about how to apply to colleges and write essays.

Today I had a good day I got to learn more about my people and how they were treated in the past. I must admit it was sad but its good for me to know the past of my ancestors. We went to the pomona college and we got to work with microscopical worms. As gross as that sounds it was really cool to see how they work the machines. I myself would love to go into a science major in college so to see the different types of science is good for me.


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