I believe that some of the main resources that are really helpful for me are actually the ones offered at my school. Speaking to your counselor regularly about your education and career plans lets them know how to hep you. My parents and Scott are one of my main supporters, and no matter what path I choose to take in life they support me to the fullest. They believe that I can get into a 4 year college, and tell me that even if i don’t and up going through community college or taking my first year off they’ll still support me. It is so good to feel that I have a strong support system. I’m also trying to help myself prepare for college by trying to practice better habits, visiting colleges, and doing activities and programs such as the Pipeline. I know my sister doesn’t need an encouraging to go to college, but I hope that she see’s what I’m doing and that I am trying and I’m going to try a lot harder. I really want to succeed.

Today was my fourth day at Pipeline. I’m feeling really good, and I am making friends. I got to hold Rose’s bird today! Instead of Common Apps, we went to Pomona College today and did a neuroscience lab on microscopic worms. It was actually super interesting and everyone was incredibly nice. But we had to walk back to Pitzer, and I was sleepy and wearing flip-flops. Yuck. Once we got to Pitzer I headed straight to the mounds and Ninaya and I passed out on the hammock for a half hour while Mika caught up on her reading.  Today we had our first Shakespeare class! You know that whole “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” About a man. Mr. Wachtel is a really good storyteller! I looked like I was falling asleep due to my nap but I promise, I was listening.


Then we had dinner, and there were veggie wraps for me ad ma vegetarian sister (: thanks Scott! But one of the most impacting periods of my day was the Cultural Programming with Rose Henry and Joe. Everything they told me was completely new to me; I never knew of these horrific tragedies which have occurred. I didn’t even know what residential schools were, and the cultural genocide which ensued. Our elders are so strong to go through so much, and then focus all their energy on helping others. I’d like to say a thank you for my opportunity of being here, and everyone who makes Pipeline fun and safe.



2 thoughts on “Fourth Day For Maya

  1. You are truly amazing Maya and you are right. I do support you 100 % and truly believe in you. And I believe that, regardless of the path you choose, you will reach astounding heights. But, more importantly, you will touch so many lives along every step of the journey with your kindness, love and generosity, and your spunky, sassy wit. You are an inspiration to me and I love you with all my heart.

    1. Thanks papa! Come check out the picture I posted of Mr. Wachtzel! Also check out my new post entitled Cinco de Maya… tons of pics! If you ever have trouble finding my posts, look up hashtag “maya”. I did it so it’d be easier for you to find. I love you!

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