Some resources that will help me are connections, support, and financial aid. In my community a lot of tribal members support my sisters and I for a lot, including our education; my friends support me when i come to them with problems and support me with my school choices. I am attending the pipeline program to prepare for college, its super tiring but an amazing experience I have learned so much in the past couple of days, more than I’ve learned in school (well I’ve learned way more about my aboriginal side here at Pitzer); I will also be attending Running start and hopefully have my associates by the time i graduate high school. Lately I have been supporting my best friend and helping her decide what she wants to do, her problem is that she won’t be able to attend college because of money problems. I’ve been supporting her and helping her decide on what she wants to do in the future. With my sisters I have always been supportive even if my younger sister likes to copy me and my dreams 🙂 .

Today was really tiring, i went to bed late last night because I was finishing my laundry and we had sun rise ceremony this morning so we had to wake up at six in the morning and I’ve been on autopilot all day. I feel like a Zombie. But I listened and I learned and wrote down so much notes in the Western U class. We got to pick up microscopic worms and place them in bacteria petri dishes, even though you could barely see them without a magnifying glass they still creeped me out. And we got to be artistic today which was really great and it kept me awake. But it was an awesome day over all and I can’t wait to lie down. Only to get up early in the morning again… :/



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