Since most of us are looking for help on what college to attend, scholarships, and advice, I would recommend on taking to your college advisor or counselors at school. They can help you get started on what you need for college. Mostly they can help you with letter of recommendations since they are you counselors and they have known you for a couples years now. However, if you do not feel comfortable talking to them, you can go talk to your parents or relatives who have experienced with applying for college. I personally like to search on Common App since you can go search up what college or university you are interested in going into and can simply find about their tuition fees, deadlines, admission contact information, and scholarships. What I also really like about Common App is that they offer college essays that you can send and re-use for multiple colleges you want to apply for, as well as a free template of making a resume. There are a lot of resources you can use, whether its talking to your parents or going online and finding more about your college. It’s just how comfortable you feel on finding more information about your college.


I have a lot of people helping and supporting me with the preparation of college. I can see that they want me to follow my dreams and become a successful woman. By achieving this, they have helped me look out different colleges. I have been applying for multiple summer college programs ever since my 8th grade year. So far, I have been to a lot of college programs which gave me the opportunity to experience college classes, get to know college professors, and feel the college atmosphere. This has helped me a lot because I have learned a lot about how to revise and strengthen my college essays for the future. I am happily to say that I am glad to have parents that have guided me through my teenage years and helped me become the lady that I am today. ❤


As I said perviously, I have been applying, attending, and visiting colleges around the US. It’s been helluva experience and it make me more excited to finally graduate high school and attend college. However, so far I have been preparing for the ACT/SAT (since I have not taken it). This is my goal for Junior year, to get a selective or highly selective score. I have been going to ACT prep classes and self studied for the past couple months. I am pretty confident that I will get an acceptable score and will continue on my next goal, applying for college. 🙂


I know most people at my school are currently struggling with what college to apply for or how to strengthen their essay skills. However, I am not an expert or anything but I mostly recommend them to get help from their college advisors. It’s the best way really because our college advisor has amazing technique and advice that will for sure improve their application for college.


For today, in theater, I got to hold Rose’s bird that is named Courage. It was an interesting experience considering the fact that I never touched or held a bird in my life. Furthermore in theater class, we did a frame activity wear we had to pretend we were a picture. We could not move and the audience had to tell a story on what they were seeing. After Theater, we went to English class and did the same thing from yesterday, read the book and discuss event that happened in the book. We also did an activity where we draw a picture of someone you know and what they would have became if someone paid attention to their dreams. This idea came from the book (which I will not spoil if others have not read it). We listened to Elder Rose talk about taking a stand for justice and who American Indian women were over looked. I am a feminist and hearing this just made me want to try to do more things to help women become strong and re-word ourselves. NOt as object, but as leaders.

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