1) The only resource I can think of that can help me get to college is financial aid, supported by my tribe.

2) The Lummi Youth Academy is helping me prepare for college by motivating and helping me maintain good grades in school, getting me to school everyday, helping me sign up and apply for running start, and just supporting me each and everyday through anything. The pipeline program here at Pitzer also plays a big role in preparing me for college even though they are not community, I consider them friends/family. So a special shout out to you guys! ❤

3) I’m helping myself prepare for college by thinking ahead about what I would like to study, what my major is, and what requirements I need to do in order to go to college, etc.

4) I would help encourage my friends to go to college by explaining how college is needed in order to get far in life. Like getting a good paying job so that you can buy a house, a car, bills, and helping people. I would show them all of the good that comes from going to college and how its worth it to go the extra mile in school.

5) Today was another successful day, I really enjoyed going to Pomona College and learning about neuroscience and itty-bitty tiny microscopic worms. It was to see and meet people who were so interested in science, because I was never fond of science at all, hahaha. (besides my love for astronomy of course)


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