A resource to get to help get college is

1. Our councilor Matt Verata, Randy Kaui, My Grandpa James Scott Sr.

2. My whole family is helping me prepare my grandpa is the main one though! He wants me to go away and get an education, but I also want to go back and give back to my community.

3. I am helping myself prepare for college by going on a few field trips to other colleges and I also look up some colleges I’m interested in.

4. I will help and encourage other friends and family by showing them what we do in a slideshow about Pitzer and talk to them about Pitzer college and I want to encourage them to look for things their interested in and what colleges they want to go to.

5. I had a great and amazing day. the part that really got to me today was when we sat down in a class with Rose and Joe. When they talked about the missing and murdered aboriginal woman, it made me feel really sad. Knowing that some people don’t care they think they just went out to parties and got drunk. Sometimes I feel like a lot of people think that all Natives do is drink, party, and do drugs! Well there are some of us who are trying to succeed in life and are doing programs like this at Pitzer to try and have a better education and give back to the community.


3 thoughts on “#LummiNation

  1. Glad you have your grandpa in your corner. Also glad that you see a college education as a means to give something back to your community and that your are dispelling myths about your community by telling your won truths!

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