1. I believe the main resource for support to go to college is family. Of course might not be the situation with everybody, but family plays a big role in your desire to go to college. Another resource might be friends. Friends are a great source of encouragement and they can be very uplifting.

2. My parents are definitely helping me prepare for college. Even though they never attended college or got a good education they are my biggest supporters. My mom is always encouraging me to apply for scholarships and school programs like this pipeline program. Where as, my dad is supporting me in the athletic version of college, where he helps me take great steps closer into playing college soccer.

3. I am helping myself prepare for college by staying involved with my community and academic studies. I am also always seeking for help in order to further prepare myself.

4. I will encourage them by sharing my stories and personal experiences toads preparing for college. I will definitely recommend pipeline programs and most definitely the Pitzer Pipeline program. I believe by me telling them how much fun and succesful this pipeline program is then they will lean towards participating.


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