#1 So I feel like if this headdress belonged to one of my great grandpas. I would want to have it so i can pass it down to my son and then it can keep being passes down so they can have something to remember what there ancestors wore back then. Also being at the museum made me feel a little angry because they took these ancient artafacts from us to LEARN ABOUT THEM and she didn’t even know not one thing about half of the things in there.

#2 Well i was also thinking that I can be a probation at the Tanf office so that i will be helping my own race. I can help my native community as a probation officer by keeping the bad people in check .


One thought on “If your reading this its a little late

  1. That is pretty ironic huh? The Indian (aka Joe!) ended up teaching instead of the other way around! I don’t think they have too many Native people coming down to look. A good first step would be to hire a Native Musuem curator or preservation officer…

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