The way I can get the native youth to read my book is to take it to the TANF office I go to in Commerce and have my peers read is or in out youth reading circle I can ask if we can read it there so the older and younger youth can read it.

2 days left (sad life rn)

The common application is something that helps you prepare or find the right college that fits what your looking for.Before you fill out the common application you at least have to have an idea of what you want to study and what school or area you to be in or around (small or big classes, city or country). It is important to research different colleges before so that you will have an idea to what the different colleges offer. Its important to write a good essay because the grades are not just the only thing that can get you into a college because if u have a strong and powerful story that is also a good help. Have more then one person to look over your essay and use smart words. Some things that can catch the readers attention is write from your heart and tell the true story.2


Finally day 12

I think that learning and passing down your native tounage is very important. Keeping the language can help you get scholarships because you know more than one language. I also think that ceremony help you too not just to keep your native culture going on but doing ceremonies you have to have patients and a lot of respect. knowing your cultural can help in varires of ways. If your taking a native american class and the knowledge is wrong you can correct them. If you know your cultural you can teach the people in your cummunity the specials of being native.

My stay at Wishtoyo

I made a really cute heart necklace out of a abalone shell and used dogbane for necklace string. I also made a matching anklet with Jessica, we used dogbane and and a tiny sea shell for a cute detail.

The thing i related to the most is the respect of the sil`i`yik. I relate to it because in the pow wow world I was told by my elders not to walk or go across the arena and to walk in the way of the clock and also was told to enter at a certain part of the circle depending of the season.

My favorite cultural feeling part was staying in the ops. I liked staying in the ops because i kinda got a real feel of how some of the Chumash or maybe my ancestors lived.


Day 9

It is important for native youth to past down their stories so that there children and there children’s children can know there sacred stories. I feel that all native stories should be made into a short movie so that the stories live on. one story i always remember my dad told me is a story about ethos cave and this cave is located in Arizona and is on the Pima reservation and on this mountain there was a cave and the walk way was so narrow, and every time you would enter you would have to leave a idem that means a lot to you or otherwise the two walls would close you in and trap you forever. My favorite native movie is by sherman alexie and is called Smoke signals

Day 7

The best part of native plant cooking was learning what our people made out of these plants. Also trying and seeing the amazing things that can be made from the plants. My job was cracking the acorns open and braking the peas apart to pieces.

Day 6

I miss my comfortable bed. Not being able to sleep as long as i wish to ( till 1). The absolutely best thing about being away from home is being away from my annoying sisters. Today was a very productive day because i got up early and got to class on time and got to hear that a idem was getting sent back to its people from the museum.         Also i liked being at Mount Baldy because I like the nature walk and hearing the elders and Lummi girls singing their songs.

If your reading this its a little late


#1 So I feel like if this headdress belonged to one of my great grandpas. I would want to have it so i can pass it down to my son and then it can keep being passes down so they can have something to remember what there ancestors wore back then. Also being at the museum made me feel a little angry because they took these ancient artafacts from us to LEARN ABOUT THEM and she didn’t even know not one thing about half of the things in there.

#2 Well i was also thinking that I can be a probation at the Tanf office so that i will be helping my own race. I can help my native community as a probation officer by keeping the bad people in check .

Day 4

The one resource i know of is TANF (T.M.T.T). I have been with tanf for 8 years and they have taken me to more than 30 colleges and they are the ones that introduced me to the pipeline. My old education consoler from Tanf Elena helps me with so much by educating me on such much college strategies. I help educate my siblings and friends by telling them all the fun things i do when i go to a college campus.

day 3

Reasons that keep Native youth from not going to college.

1. Most natives are caught up in drugs and alcohol.

2. Financial reasons not having enough money to pay for tuition

3. not having the supports to push them to go to college

4. over all just being Native is kinda a barrier

5. having children at a young age and not having time

Today was a good day I liked hearing the stories of our guest speaker and our elder. It made me think that i should listen to my mom when she doesn’t want to to go out. it can be as easy as walking to the store and i may not come back. so i really liked the advice and stories they had to tell us.