Cradle Board:

Seeing most artifacts from our ancestors in a museum, like most people felt uncomfortable and sad. I piece of our peoples clothing, art, baskets, and jewelry are being displayed in museums all over the country. I mean it is fascinating to see it, however it might have been stolen from an American Indian that is still trying to find their ancestors creations.               When I was a little girl, I use to visit my great-grandmother who lives in Blue Mountain, which is in Arizona, I would hike with my mother to a rocky little canyon place and remember seeing my ancestors cradle in a cave that has been in there for a long time. It was protected and I did not think anybody knew about it and so it makes me happy because nobody has stolen it. I shared this example to show that we do not need to steal things because it is not right. I am happy that most people would like to learn more about our culture but they do not have to go and steal artifacts from our people, but actually just talk to us.


Yes, I mean just education in general. For example, how most people can learn how to speak another language or go study abroad in another place. I think they should include an American Indian language class for others to learn about the people who were in the US first. It is also good for indigenous youth to learn their culture and how to speak it considering the fact most indigenous youth do not know how to speak their language or even re learn their language from loosing it.


Today was beautiful! In theater class, we did an rhythm activity. 6 people had to go in the front of the class and were given a theme that had to transform into a tone, beat, rhythm, harmony, sound, and words. It was very interesting how the 6 people came together and made this amazing sound. After theater class, we went to English class. However, we did not go to the classroom and discuss about the book, we went to a Museum that was on the campus. We saw American Indian artifacts. After that, we has Western U and had to finalize our presentations about diabetes. My group had to cover the symptoms of diabetes. Honestly, I thought we did pretty well with some of the discussion but it could have been better. For dinner, I had an amazing vegetarian dish. Lasagna, Zucchini, and some garlic bread. If I had to say my opinion about the dish, it was so far the best dish I have had here at the Pitzer program. When we were done with dinner, we had the Elders talk to us about how we liked or disliked the field tip to the museum. I heard everybody’s opinion and most of us were sad about how our ancestors artifacts were there and not at home. I felt the same way too. If I had to summarize how today was, I would say it was phenomenal. As I always end my logs, I am looking forward to tomorrow and the next day. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Ninaya’s daily log 5

  1. Yay I’m glad your liking the vegetarian options that the catering company is doing. I always worry Bc some people don’t know how to cook vegetarian properly…

    And I liked your point that it is important to have a Native class like language or history, as some Native youth didn’t grow up with their culture for many reasons.

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