Native culture can go hand in hand with education in many ways like if you want to study your culture or if you want to protect it. You can go to college and become whatever you want and then go back home and work for your tribe to make  it a better place. I know many people who have went to college and came back to better their tribe. I know my brother is going to school in Kansas and I think he is on his last year this year but after he gets his degree he is enlisted in the army so he will be doing his four years as an engineer. I personally would like to do that but the field i want to go in wont benefit my tribe but i will certainly try. I want to do everything i can to better my tribe.


One thought on “museums

  1. Hey you don’t know if your field will benefit your tribe or not. What if another kid from your tribe wants to do the same job? They will have you to look up to, someone who already blazed a path, a future mentor. So you are benefitting your tribe but in a different way

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