1) 20150716_111132-1 This is my favorite artifact from the Pomona College Museum of a very special woven basket. What makes it special is that someone took a lot of patience and love to not only weave the basket, but to add the feathers and shells around the top of the basket. This basket is for someone of a high honor. Although I admire the work of art, it really does make me wonder why this special basket that has a lot of time, love, and history in it, is just sitting down in a basement of a college museum? What happened to the owner? How did the college get ahold of this artifact?

2) I think that yes, Native culture and college education can go together, as in learning our language, and our ways. Just like how spanish, french, italian, and many more cultures are in college education. So why can’t Native culture be included in schools?

3) My day was very, very, very eye-opening. I’ve been to many Native American museums and I’ve seen a lot of artifacts from many different tribes around the country but I never thought about how they got there, why they’re there and if its right that they are there. I’ve never ever thought about those questions until today when we went to the museum with Bingo, (Joe Thorne), and how he was asking the lady about how the college got the artifacts and if they were given to them or not. After that, I began to realize that its not right that museums around the country have our culture locked behind glass, displaying them for people to see and not knowing the significants behind the artifact. I think that we, the new generation, should do something about this, put an end to museums making money off of what they took from us, and acting as if these works of art are history, extinct, gone, when in reality we are still here, we still make these beautiful objects, they are still alive, we are still here. So I vow to bring my opinion on this topic back to my community and make a difference, have my community realize too, that having these personal belongings rot away in a basement is not right. They should be in their home, their land, and their territory, where they belong. ❤


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