Today we went to a basement museum, filled with hundreds of Native Artifacts. At first I was so amazed at how much the curators of this small storage space had collected all of these ancient pieces from so many different nations. It was shocking and the artifacts were so amazing I was speechless for the longest time. After our little field trip Bingo mentioned that it was sad that they were kept there, being watched over by people that weren’t the owners or the tribe of the late owner, and that they should be returned. And they should, the curator said that if anyone had proof that these pieces belonged to their tribe or their ancestors then the museum would give them back. These artifacts below would be my favorite, not only because of their Native heritage but because of how beautiful they looked when I went on a tour by myself. I have more pictures but i like these bowls and pitchers more because of their designs.


Native Culture and College Education can go together, they have created majors and minors about the Culture of aboriginals and Native Languages if you go to a native college. Plus, when I’m in school there is not a day that goes by that I don’t talk about Native American Culture.

My day was great and I didn’t close my eyes once, well maybe to blink but that was it. The basement storage that held Native Americans past’s was amazing even though everyone had sad thoughts on how these artifacts were found or collected. We had a presentation in the Western U class and I can honestly say that my group and I did great! It was easey peasey lemon squeezy.. now we just have reflection and then bed!!!! 🙂


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