1) https://www.flickr.com/photos/mediacommunity/19572469659/in/photostream/

2) Fusing my culture and marine biology is very important. When you think about the ocean and my culture you realize that the ocean is our mother. In my culture we got a huge amount of our materials from the ocean. Shells, tar, kelp bulbs, and some of our food. There’s probably way more, but I can’t think about them off the top of my head at the moment. Using marine biology I could help protect and help our future youth’s opportunities of gathering these materials.

3) My day went pretty well. Woke up and played an absolutely intense game of volleyball (intense for it being early for some of our pro girls). After that we went to Pomona College and went to the museum under the building. The building had amazing artifacts and we were glad someone is keeping them safe and in tact. We were hurt and frustrated at the same time because we want them back where they belong. I really hope some day in the future those artifacts get back to where they need to be. After that we went back to Pitzer and went to our college application  class. One of our mentors was more then generous for sharing what her application for the college she;s going to. The Western University class was very interesting today. Not that it usually isn’t, we made our posters about the part of Diabetes they assigned us. Today was a nice and successful day. Thank you.


3 thoughts on “The Museum of Hurt and Knowledge

  1. Hey nick, when you say tar, do you mean oil tar or is there some sort of natural tar? Sry if it’s a dumb question…

    1. It’s not dumb at all, thank you for asking. Natural tar. I’m not exactly how it works, but that’s from what I know.

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