How I felt inside the Pomona College Museum was very mixed emotions. It was good to see many different Native American Artifacts up and close. But It was sad to know the host didn’t know barely anything about the pieces of art and not where most of them came from. Also she said “We’re hoping someone one day will come in here and tell us more about some of these artifacts and where they came from.” I feel as if they should be trying to find more information out if they’re going to be showing them in their museum. Another thing is that they had many artifacts in their storage unit when they should be displaying them, or bringing them back to their tribe because they’re just to beautiful to not be shown.

Native Culture and College Education can go together, depending on what you major in. Something I was considering in majoring in college was Zoology, and animals play an important role in Native Culture.

My day was long, but fun. I honestly enjoyed seeing the Native American Artifacts. Also we played volleyball on free time and it was the most intense and fun volleyball game I’ve ever played. Another fun game we played was called mafia and it was fun, but it brought many of us strangers a lot closer.


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