It’s almost been a week… I miss everybody back at home!  There are my siblings, Mo’a, my mother, my step-dad, and my friends.  My family is very tough on me and that makes me strong.  Being without them, I feel, is something they prepare me for.  They want me to become an independent woman and I thank them for that.  My Mo’a, or grandma, is strict yet kind with a tang of sweetness.  There are many times she has helped me when I was feeling depressed or distressed.  She always is full of the right words and knows when to say them at the appropriate moments.  I always am ready to input any thoughts she has to say.  She is very wise and I compare my mentor to her, because in a way, Miahuatl is as kind and caring as her.  My mother is one of the toughest women I’ve ever met.  She sets my boundaries yet considers things as acceptable.  If I were to accidentally be late to come home on time, she’d forgive me.  Of course she has an idea of a discipline such as confiscating my kindle from me but that just betters me.  I wish I’d learn sooner that I should respect her instead of forgetting to do my chores.  She helps me with me in the present and in the future.  I know she obtains that knowledge way better than me and I should listen to her more often.  My siblings… I can describe them with one word.  Annoying! They are very irritating yet that just keeps my memories of them even stronger.  There is at least one brother that hasn’t caught what to do to get on my nerves.  The youngest, Joel, is always playful and ready to learn.  He has taught me patience and tolerance without even meaning to.  He could be aggressive since he is only two years and a half, but he is sweet and funny.  There are many personalities that he has even though he is still arrogant of the future.  Sometimes, I act like him since I too don’t know what the future contains.  There is also Ethan.  He isn’t as much as annoying but he can be demanding.  He is the oldest of our sibling group yet I think he has a childish side to him.  Underneath all his bossiness and calmness, there is always that little child inside of him that wants to express itself.  Don’t get the wrong idea that I’m saying he is pregnant. Ha, if that’s even possible.  Anyways, my last brother who is in the middle of the siblings just like me but younger, James.  He has an outgoing personality that keeps his listeners interested.  He still acts as though he is ignorant of what he says but we all have that type of thing that influence us to do things.  Sometimes it’s for the better.  My step-dad has taught me many things about his own culture.  I wouldn’t have known “Espanol” without him.  He teaches me that hard-work does pay off.  He inspires all of us while he works behind a kitchen all day with all that hot and humid air.  I think he could’ve been a professional in a professional kitchen at a professional restaurant and professional, professional.  He could have done many things but he chose to be with us.  That is what’s so compelling into showing what he has encouraged me to do when I go to college and get the perfect career.  Now my friends are a small pack which is constantly growing whenever I go somewhere new.  There is Karlina, Isabel, Rosalie, Julie, and Sawyer.

Being away from home is pretty sad.  I miss many different friends and family members yet I am having fun with this new experience with new people.  There are many opportunities I that open for me while at this pipeline.  Not that I don’t miss home, but I would rather make such sacrifices to get a better education and an opportunity to be more familiar with this kind of college work.  There are still things I need to learn and I think that being on this pipeline may help me find all the open doors to whatever job or studies I choose.  Maybe even by the end of this program, I will have a better understanding in myself.  Sure it sounds strange but I’d want to be open minded on this sort of stuff especially when it has to do with my future.  Not only does this pipeline help me connect to myself, but it helps me be more open to my friends.  I made new friends too! It’s not like you have a variety of friends from where I live.  It’s important for friends to be friends in a little town since it’s like a way of surviving.  If u have enemies then you should watch your back.  I got to meet people with my interests, style and even personality.  There are even some people I can trust with my future like the staff and mentors.

Throughout this entire day, I felt (and to be honest) tired and sluggish.  I couldn’t wake up from my sleep and I felt like a zombie.  I wish I could’ve went back in time and lecture myself to sleep.  It was only when our “crew” went to Mount Baldy.  Sorta an interesting name, eh?  I woke up with a surge of energy because we got to hike a little ways and we had a ceremony. The ceremony felt ecstatic!  We danced like pros…. well, maybe not literally.  But we all did great! Congrats everyone who participated… which I think was everyone. Oh well, GOOD JOB!!!!


2 thoughts on “Homesick Much? ~Joye

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