1) Things I miss about home are my family, my comfy bed (not that these beds aren’t comfortable), and my dog.

2) What makes it hard is nothing really. I don’t really have a problem being home. I do miss my family though. That’s the first thing I would  miss.

3) One thing that is great about being away from home is kind of being away from everything.

4) Today, we did our acting class which consisted of a version of head, shoulders, knees, and toes, and hand shake statues, in our English class we read and did a little bit of poetry, in our college applications we wrote our stories, in our Western University class the University recruiter came and explained their medical applications. After Western University we went to Mt. Baldy and met up and danced with the Tongva people of the area. It was an ice breaker for me because I don’t dance. At all. But it was fun nonetheless.


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