Being away from home for almost a week made me miss my little sister’s and little brother  Tristah, Kadejah, Dylan, my grandpa, and my mom! I’m definitely not home sick for Lummi.. I just miss my family not Lummi. I guess I kind of miss the nature it was all green there I don’t see that much here, so i miss seeing all green too.

2. One thing that makes it hard to be away from home is that I don’t get to go visit my mom and my siblings and family aren’t here. I missed a birthday party already and I just really have a hard time not seeing my mom because were so close.

3. One thing that is great about being away from home is that I’m not in such a crowded place like my house. I have a bed to sleep on 😀 our door is always open at home so I’m always on the couch because I always have cousins there. Another thing I don’t miss is that there isn’t such loud noises here like really loud cars going by bumping their music and its really quit here.

4. I had a really good day I got to spend my day with Rose and that made me really happy she told me a story. We kept kind of getting interrupted so the story kept having to be continued but thats alright because we finished it and Oh My Gosh! I love sage and we got that today so it made my day even better. We also got to hear those guys sing today and we got to learn about different cultures and learn a bit of their songs so my day was just AMAZING! I hope tomorrow and sunday go better.. And I can’t wait and go to the village! I’m so excited to see Mati and Luhui!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!  Sincerely- MacKayla Sharon George 



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