1) Now that I’ve been away from home for almost a week, I miss sleeping in, the cool weather, and my friends. I don’t sleep in that much, only until around 10-11. And even though I love warm weather, I do miss the nice cool 70 degree breeze at home.

2) Not being able to bring everything that I own makes it hard for me to be away from home, i love being away but I can’t fit everything in one bag haha.

3) I love traveling, getting out of my home, exploring and seeing new things. I always want to travel, I always want to be away from home. So just seeing other places other than Washington is great.

4) Today we went to Mt. Baldy and toured their land, sang songs, listened to songs, danced and just had a great time bonding. All of us girls from Lummi sang our national anthem for the Lummi Nation, The Flood Song. I had to try and remember the words because I haven’t sang it since last year. All-in-all it was peaceful, memorable and beautiful to go up to the mountain and meet new people and here their songs and culture.


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