One thing I truly miss that is back at home are my friends. Even though I have been face timing, snap chatting, and texting them, I still miss partying with them <3. Probably the first thing I will do when I get home is grab my friends and go to concerts like we always do. However, I am enjoying Pitzer so I am fine with be here as well.                                          Hardest thing about staying away from home is that I cannot see my friends and family. They are amazing and I am glad that I will get to see them soon. The greatest thing about staying away from home is that I am in California first of all, my favorite state to be in. It has amazing colleges and vibe to it that makes me want to stay here forever.


Today has been very fun. In theater, we did the same thing we yesterday, we had to pick a partner and be sculptures. After that, we had English class, Common App, and Western U. We then had lunch, and I got to have Subway (which was nice). Then we went to Mount Baldy and stayed there until 8. Overall, today was marvelous. And as I always end my blog, I am very excited for tomorrow and the next day, here at Pitzer college. 🙂

Thug life

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