1. The things I miss about home is probably that my birthday is tomorrow and I don’t get to spend it with my siblings and mom. I usually spend my birthday with my grandma mom brother sister and my stepdad. My grandma and mom usually have a dinner for me. I also miss my mom i spend a lot of time with her when she isn’t at work.

2. One thing that I miss about home is my family i don’t see them all the time but I usually see them every once in awhile. i have not gotten homesick  and i don’t think i will.

3.  One thing that is great about being away from home is I don’t have to just sit around and i don’t have to be around kids 24/7. That doesn’t mean that i don’t miss home but I know i am going to be there soon and time is going to fly.

Today was a good day I loved being off campus. I like going to the mountains thats what I cam here to do explore. And try new things and I am very grateful that I got the chance to do this program. I think we should do more off campus things as well.


One thought on “claremont mountains

  1. Happy Birthday (Saturday) Alyssa!!! From Irene and Simone. Glad you’re having fun there- (we read the blog every day)

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