Its been a week and its been great, i get stressed now and then especially when I’ve had barely enough sleep, the things or people I miss the most are my parents and my older sisters. I’m not homesick but I still miss them.

The things that make it hard to be away from home is some of the students attitudes when we haven’t had enough sleep, only once in awhile do students get like this. It makes me surprised and flustered when someone gets kind of mean.

One thing that is great about being away from home is having freedom and learning a culture from somewhere else than my Reservation. Its nice and I’ve come to know so much people, I’ve learned from them and taught them. Thats the great thing about being here.

Today we visited Mt. Baldy it was cool, I learned a lot about the trees in the area and saw tortoises! The classes were great and I enjoyed every one of them! It was a great day overall and the field trip was super great.


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