1) What I miss about home. Not so much my friends because my friends are here with me.

2) It is hard to be away from home because I miss my dads cooking and eating as much fruit as possible. I love a lot of fruit all the time.

3) What is great about being away from home is taking a break from sitting at home all day in bed.

4) Today I felt.…Amazing singing and dancing, learning all the new songs was very heart touching.

Trisha Facts:

I love collection any type of the soft teddy bears.

I use to have my ears pierced

I love going hardcore on volleyball

Trisha Question:

Can you put your finger in-between your big toe and touch the tip of you finger to your nose?


3 thoughts on “Comment On Trisha’s Amazing Day!

  1. R U all going to go snorkeling this year trisha.. and were you going for this weekend trips .. send me tex please.. sure miss U around here at home babygirl… luv U and take alot of pictures on your camera ok..

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