1. I think that it’s important for native youth to tell their stories because every person has their own voice and especially Native Americans because native americans have through a lot in there lives they struggled but everyone’s stuggled also. But native american’s were put into boarding schools and they kill the culture in the kids to where they have to speak english. Now today we barely even know how to speak our language. Some natives have gifts and can be great story tellers.

2. I don’t want to go far into my story but I think for my story I’m going to start with Lummi. Now lummi is a good tribe but we have struggles on our reservation. We have struggles with drugs and alcohol, there were many people who were having struggles with it and another tuff thing is that there are a lot of kids my age who drop out of school and start acting out. There is way to much happening our reservation.

3. My favorite movie is Mulan because she wanted to do the things the guys did but they wouldn’t let her because she was a girl. She had to pretend she was a guy and the whole time they believed she was a guy. She was just as tuff as them and when they found out she was actually a girl and at first they were mad but she proved all those guys wrong and she showed that she can be just as tuff and strong as them. Everyone should be treated equally and not be kind of favored..


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