1) It’s important to tell your story so you don’t get judged. To reach out to more people with a similar story.

2) I think it is important to tell a small amount of your past that affects you and what you know can do better for your future.

3) My favorite movie film is..is…is I like most movies but I’m more a tv show watcher like walking dead, white collar, orange is the new black, pretty little liars, and law and order SVU.

Trisha’s Question:

Pick One ASAP:

1) Have you chewed on your nails

2) what do you do when you are embarrassed?


2 thoughts on “Trisha Has Questions So Comment….

  1. I chew my nails when I’m stressed out. So sometimes they are long and I paint them and then I can get a moment where I’m stressed and BAM chewed my nail!

  2. daughter I chew my nail when I got a hang nail and cant find a clipper nearby.. lol.. and when I get embarrassed I feel so silly and I have a hard time laughing at myself but I eventually do to feel the embarrassesment.. hope I spelt it right.. lol.. anyway trisha you got your report card today and You have again straight A>s in all your classes.. and I just got a tear in my eyes cause I am so proud of you and what you want to do with your life.. I will always stand by your side.. and will always be there for you.. such a proud dad today … love you and miss you much.. evy keeps jumpin on your bed wondering were u are at… .we play alot though… build some loving .. caring.. social memories that U will not forget ok… again I love you bunches..

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