1) At Wishtoyo, I made a clapper stick, It was fun stripping the bark off of the stick and hollowing the stick out. I also enjoyed getting to know some of the mentors and students.

2) Some teachings that I related to the most was serving you elders first, or serving your elders, also before you enter the floor of a longhouse, or a dance floor, you would take your ancestors with you. It is shown that you are doing this when you lift your hand and turning in a circle before entering.

3) My favorite cultural experience was seeing how Mati gave tobacco to the four directions as an offering. I liked this experience because it really related to how when our tribe catches a salmon. After we would catch and eat the salmon, we would place the bones in the water, because that fish gave itself to us for nourishment so we place it back in the water, so the fish will keep coming back, or so I heard from a family member.

4) This is a really self explanatory picture of myself lol I had a really great time at the beach and I hope I get accepted back next year 🙂IMG_20150722_110228


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