Another great experience in the books! From Pitzer College to Wishtoyo, Malibu. I feel so grateful for the elders who shared their wisdom, the teachers who encouraged me to further my education to college, and the people who provided for me. I got to create my own clapper which i burned and painted myself. That were used for ceremonial songs and dances. I was able to go and enjoy the beach and touch the cold water. Got hit with a couple waves. At the end of the day we sat by a fire with elders and shared each others voices, songs, dances, stories & together we shared memories. By the end of midnight we slept in aps and feel asleep to the warmth of the fire. The next morning we woke up to the sunrise and had their traditional ceremony. I loved it. I felt so much love from the Chumash people. Being able to enjoy our day with them, opened my eyes to be grateful and love each other and take risks. Wish I could’ve stayed longer. Represented my tribe Standing Rock Sioux and also my school Sherman Indian as Royalty. Hopefully next year I’ll recruit others to attend! I know I had a great memories in such short time. But we had to say our “Seen you Soon” because we never say goodbye. Thank You.



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