I made a clapper and it was very fun. I got to make it all on my own and paint it. Clappers are mostly used for ceremony songs and dances. What I learned from Wishtoyo is wisdom. I have learned to have the quality of being wised and good judgement. My favorite cultural experience was when we all gathered at night  with the elders and told stories. I really enjoyed hearing the elders stories. My favorite story I heard was the rainbow bridge story, It was so different and interesting. Another thing I loved about WIshtoyo was the beach view. It was so gorgeous and you could see how blue the ocean was. I was really happy we were close to the beach because I love the sound of the waves and the feel of the sand. It was also my first time to sleep by the ocean in an ap. Lastly, I really enjoyed staying with everyone from the Pitzer program. We all got closer than ever and I have learned a lot about all of your personalities. Overall, I enjoyed everything about this program. I am glad I attended this Summer program and I am looking for tomorrow and the next day. 🙂


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