1) I made two crafts during my time at Wishtoyo. First, I made an abalone necklace with string from dog-bane bark. Some may see the process as very time consuming but I found it very relaxing and fun in a subtle way. Secondly, I made a clapper-stick. That was much funner for me because I really enjoy wood crafting. I also really enjoy musical instruments, and to make my own cultural instrument was very appealing to me.

2) What resonated to me most of the teachings of the elders on Wishtoyo was the guidance that the elders gave us on creating the crafts that we worked on. This is important because usually most people think of wisdom and such things when it comes to elders, but for me what stood out was the knowledge on how to live and survive in a spiritual and cultural way.

3) My favorite cultural experience of the trip was our time around the fire at night when the elders and some students sang and danced and shared stories and wisdom. Those moments where special and there was a very special vibe to the entire experience.


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