This was such a great experience for me. Even though the visit there got cut short, meeting those few Chumash people was a true honor. Sharing their songs and teachings with us and helping us make crafts, Im so truly thankful.

1) I made both the crafts. I made a abalone shell necklace, I carved the abalone into the shape of a turtle with the help of Mati. I also wrapped the Dog bane after I peeled the bark, making the necklace. It took me about 3 hours to make but it was worth every minute. It’s so perfect, I just love turtles so much and I’m defiantly going to cherish my necklace forever. The Clapper Stick was so fun to make, its hard to explain but my favorite part was using a magnifying glass to burn designs into it. I love it!

2) The sacred fire, representing mothers. That was my favorite one, Im feeling a little homesick for my mom right now. So learning about the teachings of the fire defiantly made me miss her 100x more! Im am so thankful for the Pitzer Pipeline Program, its not just helping me prepare for college. Its helping me Appreciate my family much more.

3) I got to share a Peyote song with Kaydee’s father, Dave, and he told me so many things about his culture compared to some of the Sioux Culture. I was so grateful, I love Kaydee (our Western U teacher). Im glad i became close with her)image1


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