1. I made two of the crafts. I made a necklace made out of the bark off of a branch called dogbane. That was the chain part of the necklace and for the jewel part i created  a shape with a colorful shell and i sanded it and i made it look shiny with water sand paper. Another thing I made was a clapper out of a piece of wood.  I enjoyed making those traditional things. Learning how to make a piece of art from another culture i guess you could say was an amazing experience. I hope to have many more experiences with different tribes.

2. The teachings i related to most would be the way they enter there sacred land you have to honor you tribe when you walk on it. I related to that most because in every sacred land you kind of have to honor your land it a thing that doesn’t have to be spoken i think.

3. My favorite cultural experience the entire trip was when we were telling stories around the camp fire.



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