1. At Wishtoyo I was making a bracelet with an abalone bead and dog bane? but I didn’t finish it because it took too long. The experience was fun but it took too much patience to finish so I stopped making it.
  2. The thing I really paid attention to last night was when the elders were saying that they are expecting us to help our communities when we’re older and we need to keep our traditions going in our tribes. That made me realize that it is going to be up to us to learn our traditions and teach it when we are older.
  3. My favorite cultural experience was last night when we were in the arbor talking or morning ceremony this morning and all the hugs. The flood song still needs improvement, yesterday it was too slow, we’ll get it right haha. This morning I almost cried when we left because I won’t be coming back next year, I’m happy to say I didn’t, but I probably will before we leave to the airport.
  4. https://www.flickr.com/photos/mediacommunity/19743033128/

Me in a dress:0 never again just kidding but I probably won’t wear one again anytime soon. I look kinda mad but it was just bright.


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