Almost the Last Day

When I get home I can tell the people at my school that can spread the information about the great experience I had with the Pipeline Program. I would be able to the principal or one of the councilors that promote college programs for students.

July 24th

  1. The “common app” is an application used for private colleges I think. It is pretty much just questions asked on most college applications. One of the topics is writing about your own interests or something along those lines, which is the topic I used.
  2. Students need to prepare a story about them that is important to fill out the common application.
  3. It’s important to research colleges before applying to them because it would be good to know how well their classes are and what majors or minors they have.
  4. It’s important to write a strong college essay so whoever reads it will know you’re one of the right people to go there.
  5. Some tips for writing a great college essay is to have it peer edited by old teachers.
  6. A way to tell my story and engage the reader’s is just by being honest, just typing out my thoughts and fixing what needs to be fixed later.

The 23rd

Elders are a big part of getting help to prepare for college, whether they’re in the the family or just part of the community, talking with them or listening to them can be a motivation to want to go to college and help your own community.

Cultural knowledge and participation in ceremony helps with preparing for college and getting a better education because it can teach discipline depending on what you do.

Giving back to my community in the future is a motivation to go to college because I want to get a better education in ways to help people in my communities. I want to learn how to help people that are alcoholics or have a drug addiction so it will be less of a problem on the reservation. I also want to become educated in how to help people with diabetes because it is common in native americans and members of both sides of my family have it.




  1. At Wishtoyo I was making a bracelet with an abalone bead and dog bane? but I didn’t finish it because it took too long. The experience was fun but it took too much patience to finish so I stopped making it.
  2. The thing I really paid attention to last night was when the elders were saying that they are expecting us to help our communities when we’re older and we need to keep our traditions going in our tribes. That made me realize that it is going to be up to us to learn our traditions and teach it when we are older.
  3. My favorite cultural experience was last night when we were in the arbor talking or morning ceremony this morning and all the hugs. The flood song still needs improvement, yesterday it was too slow, we’ll get it right haha. This morning I almost cried when we left because I won’t be coming back next year, I’m happy to say I didn’t, but I probably will before we leave to the airport.

Me in a dress:0 never again just kidding but I probably won’t wear one again anytime soon. I look kinda mad but it was just bright.

July 20th

  1. Native youth telling their story is important because they need to know where they came from and who made them the person they are.
  2. I have one brother, two step brothers and one step sister; I am the youngest. I am from the Blackfeet Nation and the Lummi Nation, a plains tribe and coast salish tribe. I have two different indian names, one from each tribe.
  3. My second favorite film is Black Cloud. I have a different movie in mind but I can’t think of the name so I’m using a different movie. I like Black Cloud because it ties together sports and native american tradition, even though he is from a different tribe.

The 19th

I choose University of Washington because it’s the first university that came to mind. In the local area of University of Washington a student can participate in Intramural soccer, softball, or tennis for the summer. A way I would relax is just staying home and not doing anything.

July 18th

1. My favorite part of native cooking was trying the chia in water. After the cooking I liked painting on the rocks even though I didn’t get to finish the second one.

2. During native cooking I was getting the pinyon nuts from the shell. Pinyon nuts were a part of some tribes healthy diets.

July 17th

After being away from home for a week I’m starting to miss my family, especially after calling my parents. It’s hard being away because work started this week and I’m going to miss a couple weeks while we’re here. I like being here because I don’t isolate myself all the time, it’s not like I really can here. I liked going up to Mt. Baldy and attempting to dance and singing the flood song, the song could have been better though.

I liked when Bingo was telling us about these things and many others and I liked seeing how happy he was to see all the everything there.

I didn’t really like going to the museum, I’d like to learn more about items made by native americans from native americans instead of somebody that knew nothing about it. It upsets me to see somebody’s work just sit in a museum or just sitting in drawers in the back when it could be with the families of the people that made it. I like that they would give it back to the person or families that made it if the family wanted it but they probably don’t know about. I just think there’s too much there that’s unclaimed that could be with the person that made it. If I could learn about it a different way I’d be happy to, I would rather learn about it from someone that still does their work the same way or actually knows about it.

Native culture and college education could go together but I think one would take time from the other whether college is taking time from culture or vice versa but we would have to figure out how to balance both. Maybe you can do both.

The 4th day

  1. The school should help with going to college.
  2. My parents are to prepare me for college. They’re encouraging me to do something positive.
  3. I am attending programs like this to prepare myself for college.
  4. I am going to try to encourage others by going to college and letting them know they can do it too.
  5.  I liked getting up earlier to do sunrise ceremony. I also liked learning more about diabetes, it is good information to know because some of my family members have and because it is so common with native americans opposed to other races.